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    Wuxi Seamless Oil Pipes Company Limited, the core enterprise of WSP Holdings Limited (NYSE:WH), is a leading manufacturer of OCTG products. Established in 1999, with years of continuous development, Wuxi Seamless has formed an integrated industrial chain ranging from steel-making, hot rolling, heat treatment to threading. The company has developed and become a enterprise group of several subsidiaries with consolidated assets of approximately RMB 5 billion, and sale revenue exceed RMB 8 billion. Wuxi Seamless has great competitiveness and development potentials in the industry.

   Our products are OCTG used in the oil and natural gas drilling and extraction process, including ŽÁ60.3mm-ŽÁ114.3mm tubing, ŽÁ114.3mm-ŽÁ339.7mm casing, drill pipe, and tubes for perforating gun. We are the only Chinese manufacturer specialized in OCTG. Our products are complete in specifications and have great integrated capacity. We have advanced Short Flow Route Steelmaking line, and our major manufacturing facilities are imported from America, Belgium, England and Japan,etc. 

    Adhere to the ISO9001 and API standard,we established a complete quality assurance system. The company has extensive experience of providing service for oil industry, stable and reliable product quality, and superior product performance. Our products are sold in domestic and international markets and are widely used in major oilfields throughout China, such as Daqing, Xinjiang, Changqing, Liaohe, Sichuan, Zhongyuan, Jilin, Dagang, and Tuha. We are also supplier to China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or CNOOC, and its joint-venture offshore oilfield projects. Our products export to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, such as South America, Central Asia, and Middle East. Our products are widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and have won good reputation in the markets.

    In order to meet the developing requests of oil and gas industry, the company has been continuing to strengthen its research & development team and increase research funding over these years. Through independent customer-oriented research or collaborating with designing departments and research institutions of oil fields, we have successfully solved many technical problems for the customers, including anti-H2S corrosion pipes, high collapse resistance casing, and four kinds of premium connections for different application environments. The company has become the qualified supplier and sold the large volumes of products to three largest domestic oil companies.

     Until now, the companyí»s eight research results have been appraised officially by expert committee led by Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. 7 products have been valued as high-tech products. The company has obtained 50 national patents and is recognized as provincial high-tech enterprise. At present, our company has established provincial anti-corrosion engineering center, R&D center, and post-doctoral Workstation. We firmly believe that we will develop more achievements in scientific research and high quality products for Chinese oil and gas industry in the near future and continuous to provide high level quality service to meet various customer requirements. 
Address: No.235 Chengnan Road, Wuxi New District, Jiangsu Province, Peopleí»s Republic of China
P.C.: 214028    Website: http://www.wsphl.com
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