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Longhua Piao, Chairman and CEO ¨C Mr. Piao was a Director and the Chief Executive Officer of WSP China since its inception, and was appointed Chairman of WSP Holdings in August 2007. Among the many awards received by him, the Wuxi Municipal People's Government honored Mr. Piao for his contributions toward the development of Wuxi's non-state-owned economy by naming him one of the top 10 private entrepreneurs of 2005.
Then Choon Hoi, CFO ¨C Mr. Then Choon Hoi joined WSP Holdings on March 1, 2011 and serves as company's Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Then is responsible for the Company's accounting and financial issues. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in accounting, international financial operations and management in the technology and manufacturing industries. Mr. Then studied for his professional accountancy qualification at Tengku Abdul Rahman College. He is a professionally qualified member of the Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA-UK) and now a fellow (FCCA). He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing Science from Glasgow University in the United Kingdom.
Xizhong Xu, Director and Assistant General Manager ¨C Mr. Xu joined the Board of Directors of WSP China in November 2004. He joined WSP China in December 2000 and is responsible for strategic investment planning and management. Mr. Xu was also appointed a director of WSP Holdings from its inception and serves as the Company¡¯s assistant General Manager. Mr. Xu received his bachelor's degree in economics from the Jiangsu Institute of Technology in July 1990, and has a professional certificate in accounting from the Ministry of Finance PRC.
Baiqin Yu, Vice General Manager of Production - Mr. Yu is responsible for managing production, logistics, and environmental and safety issues. He joined WSP China in 2006, the year in which he received the Shanghai Development Contributor Honor Award from the Shanghai Major Projects Competition Committee. Mr. Yu is a graduate of the Central South Mineral and Metallurgy College.
Yi Zhang, Vice General Manager of Technology ¨C Mr. Zhang is responsible for technology development and quality control. He joined WSP China in 2004 and served as a Director through 2007. He taught post-graduate students in materials science at the Graduate School of Northeast University. Mr. Zhang has a master's degree in metallurgy from the Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1999.
Zongdi Ye, Vice General Manager of Machinery - Mr. Ye is responsible for sourcing production equipment, quality testing and coordinating equipment transportation logistics. He joined WSP China in 2001 and is certified as a senior engineer by the Assessment Committee for Senior Posts in Metallurgical Technology of Hubei Province. Mr. Ye has a degree in metallurgical engineering from Wuhan Steel Institute.
Rixin Luo, Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing - Mr. Luo is responsible for managing sales, customer-relations and marketing. He joined WSP China in March 2002. He is certified as an Engineer by the Assessment Committee for Intermediate Posts in Metallurgical and Steel Engineering Technology. Mr. Luo is a graduate of the Wuhan Institute of Technology.
Yanping Dong, Assistant General Manager of Administration - Ms. Dong is responsible for general administration and policy planning. She completed a training course in accounting at the Wuxi Municipal Institute of Technology and the in-service accounting program (post-graduate level) at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of Accounting. She has a Certificate of Accounting Professional from the Wuxi Municipal Finance Bureau.

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