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    As the large integrated Chinese manufacturer specialized in OCTG, WSP Holdings Limited has developed varieties of products. OCTG(Oil Country Tubular Goods) refers to tubing, casing, line pipes, drill pipes and accessories used in oil and natural gas exploration, drilling, extraction and transportation. Our products mainly consist of tubing, casing, line pipes and drill pipes, and the products almost cover all the varieties and sizes of API Specification 5CT, 5D, 5L. We also produce heat-insulating tubing, tube for Perforating Gun, slotted screen pipes, boiler tubes, and other pipes (including ERW pipes) in different specifications to meet different customers’ requirements.

    In accordance with the product specification, our product portfolio can generally be divided into two categories, which are American Petroleum Institute (API) products and WSP series of products:

1.           American Petroleum Institute (API) products — Products manufactured according to the standards formulated by the API. We have obtained API certificates since 2002 and further obtained certificates of authority to use the official API monogram on our manufactured products, which include API 5CT tubing and casing, API 5L line pipes and API 5D drill pipe products.

2.             WSP’s self-developed series of products — To meet the market demand and the customers’ requirements, especially the strong demand for high-end OCTG, we focus our research and development efforts on producing tailor-made non-API products, which can also sustain competitive advantage of our company. We conduct research and development on various areas, such as premium connections, corrosion-resistance pipes, super high-strength pipes, ultrahigh/ultralow temperature resistance pipes, failure analysis, irregular tube rolling pass design, high collapse resistance drill pipes, etc. Our company can produce numbers of high and new technological products, such as buttress threads tubing,tube for Perforating Gun , upset tubing, 37Mn5 quenched and tempered casing, premium connections, High quality casing for steam injection wells WSP-105H, and non-API high-collapse casing WSP-95T and WSP-110T, and we have obtained more than 30 national patents.

Our OCTG products include the following grades according to API standards:

H40, J55, K55, N80-1, N80Q, L80-1, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, M65, C90, C95, T95, P110, Q125, etc. Line pipe products include grades B, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70, etc. Drill pipe products include grades E75,X95,G105,S135, etc.

    Non-API products include three major types: new materials, premium connection, and special specifications. Our Non-API products’ grades are classified as followings to meet the customers’ special needs based on OCTG servicing conditions:

(1)    New materials:

Anti-H2S: WSP80S, WSP80SS, WSP95S, WSP95SS,

      WSP110S, WSP110SS, WSP125S (tubing and casing);

      WSP-95DS, WSP-105DS, WSP-125DS(drill pipe);

Collapse resistance:WSP80T, WSP95T, WSP110T, WSP125T, WSP140T;

Anti-H2S & collapse resistance:WSP80TS, WSP80TSS, WSP95TS, WSP95TSS, WSP110TS, WSP110TSS, WSP125TS;

Anti-CO2:WSP80-3Cr, WSP95-3Cr, WSP110-3Cr (Low Alloy Steel), WSP80-13Cr, WSP95-13Cr, WSP110-13Cr (Martensite stainless steel);

Anti-H2S & Anti-CO2:WSP80S3Cr, WSP80SS3Cr, WSP95S3Cr, WSP95SS3Cr, WSP110S3Cr;WSP-22Cr-110(Duplex stainless steel), etc.;

Heavy oil thermal recovery:WSP80H、WSP95H、WSP110H。

(2)Premium connections

  Our company developed 22 types of premium connections which can be classified into 12 series:

        WSP-1T,Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-2T,Applied to casing;

        WSP-3T,Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-FJL(WSP-4T) Series:WSP-FJL-1T, WSP-FJL-3T,Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-SC Series:WSP-SC-1T, WSP-SC-2T, WSP-SC-3T, WSP-SC-5T,etc.,  Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-C Series:WSP-C-1T、WSP-C-2T、 WSP-C-3T、WSP-C-5T, etc., Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-HOOK(WSP-5T),Applied to tubing and casing;

        WSP-BIG(WSP-7T),Applied to conductor and surface casing;

        WSP-NF4、WSP-NF6 (WSP-6T1 WSP-6T2) Series,Applied to fracturing tubing and operation tubing;

        WSP-DK (WSP-9T),Applied to fracturing tubing and operation tubing;

        WSP-ZL-1、WSP-ZL-2 (WSP-8T1 WSP-8T2) Series,Applied to salvage and well work-over operation drill string;

        API-LT-SH 、API-BT-SH,Applied to tubing and casing.

 (3) Special specifications

     In order to ensure proper matching between the cementing clearance and outside diameter of connection, casings in special specification are required in drilling engineering. We developed the following special specifications:

149.23×14.2㎜  149.23×13.93㎜  152.4×15.52㎜   152.4×13.21㎜  182.0×14.8㎜  190.5×19.0㎜ 193.7×20.60㎜  200.03×10.92㎜  203.1×17.4㎜    206.4×19.05㎜  222.25×15.52㎜  225.4×17.10㎜   2, 27.0×17.90㎜   228.6×18.70㎜   230.8×19.50㎜  231.8×20.30㎜   257.2×18.92㎜   263.5×22.07㎜265.13×22.0㎜  282.6×17.32㎜


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